Tenant Organizing

Forming Tenant Associations
HCC has provided tenant organizing services since its inception in 1972. We assist tenants in forming self-sustaining tenant associations. Through these associations tenants are able to assert their rights and obtain necessary repairs, upgrade building services, stop landlord harassment, and resolve building-wide complaints. HCC helps tenant associations commence rent strikes, 7A proceedings (asking the Court to appoint an administrator to run a building because the conditions are dangerous to life, health and safety) and HP actions (tenant-initiated actions seeking repairs). We aid in the filing of harassment complaints and in negotiations with building owners.

Creating Co-ops
HCC's tenant organizers also help tenants purchase their building as limited-equity cooperatives. Throughout its history, HCC has worked with tenants in more than 70 buildings form low-income cooperatives or tenant-controlled rentals.

Fighting Opt-Outs
In addition, HCC helps tenant groups fight against owners attempting to opt out of subsidized programs such as Project-Based Section 8 and Mitchell Lama buildings. We work to preserve these subsidized apartments and prevent displacement of the low-income and working class people who live in them.

If you live in the Hell's Kitchen/Clinton neighborhood and are interested in forming a tenant association in your building, come to HCC during our intake hours. Please bring all relevant documents, such as a list of repairs, apartment leases, and income information. Also, bring information about the building owner, such as the name, contact number and address, etc.