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About Us

Housing Conservation Coordinators is a community-based, not-for-profit organization anchored in the Hell’s Kitchen/Clinton neighborhood of Manhattan’s West Side.

Since our founding in 1972, HCC has been devoted to preserving the character of Hell's Kitchen, and guaranteeing that high-quality affordable housing remains in the neighborhood. Each year the organization helps more than 4,000 individuals and families by preventing evictions, educating them about their rights, weatherizing their buildings, and ensuring that they can continue to call this community home.


In 2014 HCC extended it's catchment area to include the Upper West Side to 100th Street. Although the challenges faced by residents have varied over the past thirty years, HCC has been able to adapt to changes in tenants' needs, continuing to provide valuable legal and technical services, and expert tenant and community organizing.

For 50 years, HCC has developed programs to meet the immediate and emerging needs of our most vulnerable neighbors.
Our Mission

Our Mission

We are dedicated to advancing social and economic justice and fighting for the rights of poor, low-income and working individuals and families. 

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Our Vision

With a primary focus on strengthening and preserving affordable housing, we seek to promote a vibrant and diverse community with the power to shape its own future.

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