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HCC 40th Anniversary Benefit Gala 2012

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

As we achieve another milestone, we reflect on the past forty years, consider the changes we’ve seen in Clinton/Hell’s Kitchen and recount the many stories we have to tell.

HCC would not have made it this far without the support of our friends.We are pleased to honor the storied accomplish-ments of our honorees: Gloria Milliken, Gloria Sukenick, Hon. Em-ily Jane Goodman, Bob Kalin and Pat Whitcomb Hooper.

As we look back over the past four decades, what stands out is the perseverance and tenacity of the Hell’s Kitchen tenants in the battles we have waged. Struggles spanning two decades were far from uncommon.

Even today, tenants living in buildings in which illegal hotels operate face the same protracted fight for their basic right to safe and livable homes. We see a stronger push to evict longterm tenants living in rent regulated apartments and families facing serious hardships due to the recession, and we must work even harder to ensure that the neighborhood con-tinues to be affordable to all. That same sense of commitment and courage is shared by tonight’s honorees and HCC’s staff.Thank you for coming tonight, and thank you for being a part of HCC’s past and our future.

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