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The impact of Airbnb on New York City’s housing market

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Short Changing New York City

Airbnb listings are concentrated in a few neighborhoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn. A disproportionate share of Airbnb listings are concentrated in the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. New York City Airbnb data for calendar year 2015, (the “study period”), shows that over 90 percent of the 51,397Airbnb listings are concentrated in these two boroughs, whereas less than 60 percent of the total housing supply in New York Cityi s located in these boroughs. Within Manhattan and Brooklyn, Airbnb listings are clustered in several neighborhoods. In fact, 53 percent of all Airbnb listings are located in one of the following five “macro-neighborhoods”-East Village/Lower East Side (LES), Chelsea/Hell’s Kitchen, West Village/Greenwich Village/SoHo, Williamsburg/Greenpoint/Bushwick, and Bedford Stuyvesant/Crown Heights.

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